2016 Nominees

Nomination Documents

Each application will be judged based on the following:

  • Knowledge of job
  • Ethics
  • Professionalism
  • Communication Skills

All nominations must be received by the last day of February of each year and will be judged by a panel of distinguished judges.

Winners will be announced in April of each year and will be awarded at the ACCP Annual General Meeting and Conference of that same year.

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Top Caribbean Career Move
Top Caribbean Career Move
Top Caribbean Career Move - Seconded Runner-Up
Assistant Superintendent Bryan Isaacs 
Korps Politie Suriname
Assistant Superintendent Isaacs joined the Surinamese Police Force in 2008 as a police officer. In 2012 he received a written honour for his extraordinary dedication. In 2013 he started the two-year Superintendent Training of Bachelor of Police Science at the Police Academy and graduated in 2015 as the best student with a Bachelor of Policing. Later in 2015 he was promoted to Assistant Superintendent and appointed as Acting Chief of International Affairs with the aim to strengthen the cooperation between various police forces.
Top Caribbean Career Move - First Runner Up
Woman Inspector Vena Butler 
Trinidad and Tobago Police Service 
Inspector Butler believes that continuous improvement should be the aim of all law enforcement agencies and that policing practices must be progressively influenced by scientifically tested practices. She is based at the police academy where her responsibilities include recruiting and equipping officers for crime fighting. Within law enforcement circles, crime fighting is usually viewed from a successful detection angle, however, crime prevention is an equally sound approach to crime fighting. Her training of police officers is critical to achieving this goal. Inspector Butler completed a course of study with the University of Cambridge and will in July 2016 be conferred with a Master of Studies in ‘Applied Criminology and Police Management’. According to her superiors she “continuously uses her policing skills and newly acquired knowledge to positively impact her immediate work environment”.
Top Caribbean Career Move - Winner 
Inspector Leo Anglin 
Royal Cayman Islands Police Service
Inspector Leo Anglin is a product of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s ‘High Potential Development Scheme’. As a matter of fact, he was the first officer to be inducted into the program in 2010. He was promoted to the rank of sergeant in 2014 and assumed the rank of acting inspector in 2015 before he was promoted to inspector in 2016. Inspector Anglin is an officer who leads by example; the leadership style and passion he has brought to his organization have been described as “infectious indeed”. His superiors state that his training in a highly pressurized environment is intended to prepare him for the highest ranks in the service. Quote: “He has risen to the challenge”. Nominees:
  • Sergeant Avianne Smith-Cordice – Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force
  • Sergeant Elvin Thomas – Royal St. Lucia Police Force
  • Corporal Jane Usher – Belize Police Force
Top Caribbean Community Policing Officer
Top Caribbean Community Policing Officer
Top Caribbean Community Policing Officer - Second Runner Up
Constable Odale Mulgrave 
Royal Cayman Islands Police Service
Constable Mulgrave enlisted in the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) in 2012. Whilst assigned to the Neighborhood Policing Department, Constable Mulgrave launched a neighborhood watch program and spearheaded a ‘national crime prevention seminar’ organized by RCIPS. At this seminar, he also was a speaker on ‘crime prevention through environmental design’. He was the editor for the ‘district operations newsletter’ before he was later assigned to his present post as ‘School Resource Officer’ (SRO) where he is tasked with partnering with assigned schools to curb antisocial behavior; prevent, detect, and investigate crimes and make referrals to social services geared at behavior change and providing social services. Constable Mulgrave also jointly spearheaded the ‘Police Patrol Media Campaign’ which is an annual TV series initiative geared at disseminating crime prevention and safety information. According to his superiors “his knowledge of his job, his ethics, professionalism, and communication skills are extraordinary”.
Top Caribbean Community Policing Officer - First Runner Up
Sergeant Dianne Dumont 
Royal Grenada Police Force
Sergeant Diane Dumont was enlisted in the Royal Grenada Police Force in1992. She was posted to several stations and departments before finally settling at the Central Police for the past seventeen years. Within that station, she has been assigned to the Community Relations Department with a high focus on Community Policing. She is the holder of an Associate Degree in Social Work from the TA Marryshow Community College (TAMCC).  During the past two (2) years, she received training in Domestic Violence and Sexual Offences. In 2015 she restored two (2) Boys Clubs after many years of disorganization and engaged in a number of practical activities with them. She is involved in school outreach programs both at the primary and secondary levels. Sergeant Dumont has also developed a strong working relationship with the Child Protection Authority, Social Development, Legal Aid and Counseling, Guidance Counselors at Schools and parents in finding solutions to many related problems. Several panel discussions lead by Sergeant Dumont were held under the theme “Domestic Violence” at various communities in the Central Division.
Top Caribbean Community Policing Officer - Winner
Corporal Ted King 
Royal St. Lucia Police Force
Corporal King is a member of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force for 11 years. He spearheaded school lectures, addressed PTA meetings, and also coordinated a summer camp for at-risk students. He assists young community members with job placements and mentors young students interested in becoming police officers. He also participated in various talk shows on behalf of his police force and continues to make positive contributions to his organization and the surrounding communities. Nominees:
  • Corporal Lorraine John – Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force
  • Inspector Felix Richards – Korps Politie Nederlandse Antillen
  • Sergeant Lifanso Kwasiba – Korps Politie Suriname
  • Sergeant Elroy Carcamo – Belize Police Force
  • Constable Lauston Percival – Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force
  • Assistant Superintendent Collis Hazel – Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
  • Inspector Peter Devine – Bermuda Police Service
Top Caribbean Crime Fighter
Top Caribbean Crime Fighter
Top Caribbean Crime Fighter - Second Runner Up
Constable Clifford Charles 
Royal Grenada Police Force
During the first quarter of 2014 Constable Charles investigated twenty-one matters while attached to the C.I.D. main office with a 43% rate of success. He was transferred to C.I.D. at the Northern District from the period May to November 2014 where he investigated thirty-eight (38) matters which resulted in 18 being solved and 18 persons being arrested. From January to August 2015, Constable Charles returned to C.I.D. main office, where he investigated thirty-five reports. He was able to solve 24 of the reports and 18 persons were arrested. Between the period August 2015 to October 2015, Constable Charles was transferred to one of the substations, where he worked with little supervision. He was instrumental in conducting nine (9) operations in which fifteen search warrants were executed and a total of ten persons detained. He also attended to twenty-three reports which resulted in ten (10) persons being arrested.
Top Caribbean Crime Fighter - Second Runner Up
Senior Superintendent David Abraham 
Trinidad and Tobago Police Service 
Senior Superintendent David Abraham as head of the northern division of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service was adjudged the best performing Divisional Commander for the years 2014 and 2015. Under the leadership of David Abraham, the northern division moved from the division with the highest level of serious crimes in 2011 to the division with the lowest level of serious crimes among Trinidad’s four high crime divisions in 2015. In 2014 the annual total of serious crimes in the northern division dropped by 17.6% and in 2015 it dropped again by 25%. 139 illegal firearms were seized in 2014; 115 in 2015.
Top Caribbean Crime Fighter - First Runner Up
Inspector Ray John 
Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda
27 years ago Inspector John joined the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda. He now heads the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) which supplements the Special Services Unit (SSU). His superiors and colleagues regard Inspector John to be one of the most tactically proficient human resources to the organization. The Special Services and Rapid Response Units contributed significantly to the prevention and suppression of criminal activities in Antigua and Barbuda. Consequently, homicide cases were reduced by 58% in 2015; aggravated robberies by some 53%.
Top Caribbean Crime Fighter - Winner
Acting Detective Chief Inspector Adrian Kartick 
Royal Virgin Islands Police Force 
Detective Kartick is the senior investigating officer for the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force. He holds daily conferences with his staff, ensuring information is shared and no intelligence is lost. He has been the SIO on eight homicides and numerous other major investigations such as rape, corporate manslaughter, sudden infant death and boating deaths due to neglect. Currently, he is the SIO on four ongoing homicide investigations. He retains ownership and responsibility for each investigation and considers all strategic options available to him such as covert, passive data and intelligence. Nominees:
  • Inspector Atland Browne – Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force
  • Sergeant Shervin Matthew – Royal St. Lucia Police Force
  • Police Assistant 2nd Class Isaiva Vianen – Korps Politie Suriname
  • Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster – Belize Police Force
  • Detective Constable Ronald Francis – Cayman Islands Police Service
  • Inspector Travis Rogers – Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force