Award Categories

Top Caribbean Crime Fighter

To ensure a fair chance for officers from smaller forces versus officers from larger forces, the Top Caribbean Crime Fighter will not only be selected by the number of crimes detected by the nominated officers. The ratio between cases assigned to any officers and detected cases by these officers may also be considered. Furthermore, the impact that the case(s) detected by an officer (incl. resulting convictions) had on general safety and security within the respective community (and by extension country and region) will be the main criterion for the judges on the awards programme’s panel.

Top Caribbean Community Policing Officer

The activities a police officer is nominated for must have been conceived, developed, supported and/or led by the police officer nominated for the award. The activities will be judged regarding their success rate, effectiveness, problem-orientation, and innovation. The improvement of relationships with the community and persons within the community will also be judged. Additionally, a list of community-based initiatives the officer is involved in or has introduced within the two-year timeframe that the judges will be looking into must be produced.

In the instance of Top Caribbean Community Policing Officer, recommendations can also be made by members of the community (inclusive of the private sector), but still must be endorsed by the immediate supervisor, recommended by the area commander and approved by the Commissioner of Police.

Caribbean Career Move

The nomination must be in relation to an individual’s professional development within a two year period preceding the nomination for the award. The nominees’ professional development (e.g. tertiary education; trainings; overall performance improvement) must have resulted in a noticeable improvement of overall operations within the respective police force and by extension in improved safety and security in police force and communities. Individuals must have the rank of “Inspector” or higher to be eligible for nomination.

Amalgamated Security Regional Recognition Awards